banana fake | republic

the banana jet

“Standing up to the fake news media / That’s a big group, big group / They don’t wanna tell the truth / Look what’s happening with the media / They are going down the tubes / Because they won’t tell the truth / They don’t wanna talk about the laptop from hell / You’ll put me back in the White House / Their reign will be over / And America will be a free nation once again”

Chorus: I’m an innocent, innocent, innocent, innocent / Hush money paying president / Wannabe January 6 president / I’m not above the law / I’m beyond the law / I’m my father’s son / A loser I am, so innocent / Innocent, innocent

“There’s never been a movement like this / In the history of our country / Probably in the history of almost every country / It’s happening right before your eyes / It’s something straight out of the Stalinist Russian horror show / A third world banana republic / That’s what we’ve become”


“We’re not gonna stand for it / When this election is over / I will be the president of the United States / You will be vindicated and proud / And the thugs and the criminals / Who are corrupting our justice system / Will be defeated / Our country does not talk about / Greatness any more”


banana fake republic. ms/GEMA
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