milking the | river

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a classical piece of music from last weekend started this cycle of short pieces with a fixed set of classical instruments (and a subbass and a foghorn). most instruments i play here come from spitfire audio.

i’ve written songs since is was 10. a peculiar thing about my way of composing with a DAW is that it would be a big effort to recreate a composition. when i listen to pieces i wrote only a few days ago, they sound new to me. not necessarily good, but new. i hear them with “fresh ears”. and i have no idea how i composed them. the music from today is in D major. i write this down here because i know, in a week’s time i won’t remember this composition and its key. of course, it would be no problem to extract for example the bass track in my DAW, for a live performance or other purposes. or to mute the lead vocals in other songs, so i could sing live into a microphone on stage.

back in the 1980s when i composed songs for my new wave rock band, i would typically just play the bass line on my acoustic guitar and sing to it. the band would then try out chords and rhythms. but even then i had a 4 track cassette recorder where i could produce complete songs. the rock band did not like to hear complete songs, for obvious reasons.

milking the river 01. by ms/GEMA
milking the river 02
milking the river 03
milking the river 04
milking the river 05
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