#AI extending an | image

in september 2022 openAi.com introduced the beta version of image extension using #DALL-E2. this “outpainting” process is costly. it’s easy to burn 10 or 20 of your credit points without really good results. in my example below, which i created via different text inputs, you see stylistic discrepancies on the left and right. the atom structure on the left with its colour ramps does not follow the main theme with its beauty of a cartoon sketch. the wheat grain breaks again with the style. on the right we see the bowl with fruits which by itself is okay, but it does not fit in the whole image.

starting image
after 5 extensions

in the image below the extension at the bottom left was quite successful. all my efforts to get a nice outcome for the bottom right failed. for unknown reasons DALL-E2 insisted on placing weird text fragments there.

there are many amazing examples of large images created with this process. however, if openAi wants us to beta test the “outpainting” feature we need free credits to do so.

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