1950s AI | car race

#AI image from text

my text input for the image above was this:

“A Citroen 2CV car is filled with 10 people. Lots of heads, arms, feet and hands are sticking out of the windows. The car is running at high speed through a french village. We see motion blur in this cinematic 1960s photograph.”

the AI ignored several wishes i had, but all in all it created a convincing image. motion blur certainly helps to convey the idea of the small car filled with lots of people. the #DALLE_2 system offers the extension of an image. it creates four variations to a new text input, and i chose one for the left and one for the right “outpainting”. in the right part i wanted the car race to end in an open field of grass. in the left part i wanted to see more of the french village, with the ruin of an old church. AI followed the black and white blurred grass style on the right. on the left it ignored the black and white photo aesthetics and the motion blur. but it extended the village street quite nicely:

AI extensions on the right and on the left.