happy drummin‘ | and bassin‘

musik pause

i spent a couple of nights in early summer 2022 composing 12 drum based pieces for my second album. the first one was intended to be film music. i used several classical instruments such as solo flute or string ensemble for 8 experimental tracks. the second album came out yesterday and is “intelligent“ dance music. some tracks are exquisitely light, others dramatic and heavy.

for the drums i used NI maschine and toontracks EZdrummer 2 and 3. my DAW is cubase 12 pro. the bass in most cases is a sub bass which i played with massiveX or super 8. in two pieces i played an acoustic guitar. now and then i used samples, recorded in my flat. i‘m glad about the excellent mastering by iZotope ozone.

if you‘re familiar with music theory and keys: the first piece is in C, the last one in b…