blue horse in a | box

this horse was an “accident”, at least not planned in any way. initially i wanted to model a small, almost cubic room with subtle deformations of all three visible walls. then i thought, nice, let’s cut out some windows. after having done this (a matter of seconds), i needed a light, a light from the back, a strong light from the back, a light with so-called “god rays”. well, then only one thing was missing: a 3D object. i picked the default horse (from maya’s built-in library of 3D meshes) and coloured it red. didn’t look good. blue? yep. the rendering at the very bottom has a slight overdose of depth of field (DOF). nevertheless, quite cool.

the whole work was done in maya 4, which still sits in my computer. i imported it later to the current version for the screenshots.

blue horse in a box. © ms

the 3D scene

same scene, thin focus plane and an extra in the left window.