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lonesome single. photo: ms/dpa

this photograph looks good in colour. but even better in black and white. the main impression is quite different. the colour photo has a trivial touch, whereas the b&w version seems to bring a deeper message across, maybe an impression of depth, lonelyness, threat. you decide for yourself.

when it comes to the discussion about AI art, i often hear that a “real” photograph is a proof or reality. it isn’t. it has never been a realistic representation of the world around us. it does not only show us the personal view of the photographer, it involves a lot of technology such as the type of lens, the exposure etc. in recent years standard image editing apps like adobe lightroom offer the exchange of the sky in the background with a single click. the google pixel smartphone photo app removes “unwanted” objects with a single touch. so, what is realistic about a photograph? sure, AI “invents” it’s own reality. so it goes a few steps further.