wonderland | wonderkind

AI text-to-image for illustration

i wrote this song on the guitar last night. enjoy.

wonderland and wonderkind. MS / GEMA

[The birds are singing in the morning] The birds are chirping / All is settled / No suitcase packed / Don’t need it for our trip today / Through wonderland and wonderkind / I’m smoking a cigarette on your porch / You’re still asleep inside / Can you hear me sing / In your dream / I’d like to lift you up / And take you on a trip today / To wonderland and wonderkind / Baby, can you hear me sing? / In your dream? / Come with me, let‘s take this ride / To places where our hearts can only fly / Together we‘ll explore the unknown / [But can you make music?] / We can‘t make music from that beat / Until the hour when we finally meet /

midjourney goes | version 5

one of the improvements is how version 5 of this text-to-image Ai handles hands. in this example i wanted version 4 to show me a golden hand shake a platinum hand.

handshake, midjourney 4

you see a mess with the lower fingers. there‘s probably one to many. —> here, btw, is another experiment with version 4 hands.

version 5 handles hands much better. here is an example with the same prompt. both hands are intact, and the fingernails are correct as well.

handshake, midjourney 5

the task to show several people with their hands exposed led to odd results in version 4. not so in version 5. there are still flaws, but not nearly as much as before:

version 5