vegetable | juice

… and a poached egg. as to the veggies: amazing that for example brokkoli contains so much flavour and some juice when shredded in a blender. this is a mix of vegetables, an apple and a small orange:

take 1

three minutes later:

take 2

in most cases the beetroot takes over, not so much tastewise, but in terms of colour. crucial here is that your blender can be cleaned with ease. because, if it isn’t, you won’t enjoy the delicious drink.

since i was in the mood for cooking, i prepared a coached egg. until recently i cooked the egg in a large pot. i found out that a small pot is much more effective. the key is to stir the water fast.

poached egg on rye sourdough bread

of course, the egg tastes best with a home cooked whole grain rye sourdough bread.

for the dessert with tea i made a japanese cheese cake. a premiere for me. it tastes totally different from the european and american cheese cakes. and it certainly is more fluffy.

japanese cheese cake

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