trivial | anamorphism

these are two images of no significance. i just wanted to get a taste for the → anamorphic lens on my smartphone. it is manufactured by moment ( and costs about 100 times less than the equivalent for DSLR cameras. here’s the “moment” packshot photo:

Moment Anamorphic Lens 06
moment anamorphic lens, about 2 cm wide, $ 120

this is a photo at the lake. since the smartphone photo sensor does not change its size, it needs to catch the light from the distant corners of the lens and records a squeezed look:

the anamorphic lens creates a squeezed image.

the company has an app which, in the paid version, desqueezes the image properly. i did it in photoshop:

desqueezed, and slight saturation changes
anamorphic sky
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