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an australian woman around 30 years of age travels the world and draws a steadily growing amount of subscribers to her youtube channel. almost half a million. i found the channel by searching for drone photography. sorelle amore (her artist‘s name) builds an image of herself as a photographer who turned professional and is now ready to teach photography.

she is only a decent photographer, but she‘s an expert in photographing herself as a sex object. she addresses the simple taste of the tabloid soft porn audience. during the videos she talks redundantly and without pause about her feelings (from shaving her face to digital detox) and shows an absurdly wide camera smile and pretentious laughter. always at hand, for a 5 second interlude, a shot showing her strip in front of a mirror or elsewhere. 3/4 of the thumbnail photos (which are the door openers to the ad supported vlogs) show her in underwear.

nothing against it —if there wasn‘t that claim to teach photography. she‘s marketing not knowledge, but her body. odd thing in #metoo-aware times.

11 of 12 thumbnails: selfie erotic
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