pro shot for only | 500 €


this shot would have cost thousands of euros back in 2010. why? because you needed to mount and hide several cameras. i did this shot with a tiny 500 € camera which takes videos in 360°. the camera was mounted on the hood of the car. it hides itself from our curious view in an almost magic way. only the suction tripod would be visible – but only if i show the hood of the car in this video. that’s the reason why i never move the view up to the car’s front window.

actually, i wanted to do a longer video, but the camera stick was in the way to drive the car safely out of the cumbersome environment.

of course, the title of this article “pro shot for only 500 €” is harshly misleading: with the 500 € investment you can take 500 such videos, which would change the title to “pro shot for only 1 €”. here’s another one:

spring time in the park.
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