needle on the | record

put the needle…

…on the record. both photos: ms/picture alliance

the first photo was taken with my canon full format sensor DSLR and the canon 100 mm macro lens, 1:2.8. the camera was on a tripod, and i could, of course, choose the aperture and speed.

the second photo was taken with my google pixel 2 XL smartphone and the macro lens by → moment, freehand, everything automatic.

both photos are of more or less the same resolution. i did a little bit of cropping. the moment macro has a fixed distance where things are in focus, so it’s a matter of some trial and error to get what you want. and in the case of the record needle it was a bit tricky to get that close: 1.8 cm. the canon camera was about 20 cm away from the target.

oh, talking about target: my new song is about → the best target of my life.