kassen | schwank

i started with a sitar (spotlight collection “india“) and played it on the midi keyboard at 130 bpm. i added two more tracks with indian instruments. this part is the start of this piece. then i wanted western music to take over and called up massive X with two wonderful sounds, one for the main melody, the other one for the bass. a sparsely played flute (massive X) adds sweetness to the scene.

i was reluctant to add rhythm and tried a few patterns in “studio drummer“. it worked amazingly well, both in normal and in half time. i exchanged the drum samples with the “abbey road 1960s“ drums because they sound much better. all virtual instruments came from native instruments, berlin.

the piece with its 6 tracks in cubase (by steinberg, hamburg) was finshed — but not mastered. since i‘m a really bad master engineer, i‘m very happy to use ozone (by izotope, boston) which finds an astonishing balance of loudness and frequency distribution over the whole song.

like all my other pieces, this one, named “kassenschwank“, is licensed via GEMA.

kassenschwank (GEMA)

in the photomontage above i used sathiyadeep‘s sitar photograph on wikipedia.

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