evil flowers | rotten paper

an amazing day. yesterday’s state of the nation speech by US president trump made big news today in europe. a speech full of lies and some entertainment elements. election campaign auftakt. followed by nancy pelosi distinctively ripping the script of trump’s speech apart – in front of all cameras and behind a president who was so satisfied with his show.

deep love

on a much smaller scale, but of high political impact, is today’s voting in the parliament of thuringia, germany. the extreme right wing party AfD voted for a member of the liberal party FDP to become president – and they suceeded. it reflects the mindset of the state of thuringia, so it’s not new. but for the liberal party it is. in the early years of west germany, the FDP had a reputation to be a pool for ex-nazis, but that changed from the 1960s on. now back to the roots? it was a shock wave in germany today.

dropping the flowers. video source: reuters