break | fast (slow)

in the photograph below you see parts of my breakfast setting. i’ve been baking my own sourdough bread for several years now. you see two kinds of sourdough slices: wheat and rye. since they are both whole grain, they look similar, but they taste different.

homemade breakfast

at the top right of the photo is the home made strawberry jam. i usually wait until the end of the berry season before trying out and buying fresh berries at the market. i don’t use sugar/gelling-agent combinations but feed the fruit with organic sugar and the gelling agent separately. in the german organic stores we have excellent vegan gelling agents.

the glass (from hungary, early 1910s) contains grapefruit juice. i have a pretty simple kitchen machine which i use for kneading the dough and as a food press. it is very effective: this full glass of juice came from just one grapefruit.

finally, the egg. this is a beauty, and a beautiful procedure. i’ve “professionalized” the poaching algorithm. pure water in a large pot, to a boil, then reducing the heat until no bubbles are in the water. very fast stirring with a spoon, the egg placed gently into the calm “eye” of the spinning water. depending on the water level you get an egg fully immerged or, like in my example, with the yolk sticking out a little.

of course, i added other items to the breakfast later, cheese and honey.

wheat sourdough bread

the two loafs of sourdough bread (500 g, 1000 g) were baked in the 280° C hot dutch oven and finalized at 220° C with the lid taken off.

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