2D to 3D | telephone

i rendered this telephone in autodesk maya, my preferred 3D computer animation program. the phone needs a lot of cleaning up. the cable is only partly visible, there are artifacts all over the place, including that odd object in the air.

the process was this: i put the real phone on a stool which i could rotate. i shot 129 images from different angles.

129 images

then i fed the photographs into the autodesk app “recap photo” and got this result:

3D model made from photographs
side view
rear view
rotation, by autodesk recap

recap offers several export options, for example obj. here is a rendering using a standard shader in maya, the same as in the image at the very top.

rendering in arnold with two light sources

a so called “playblast” of the maya scene

in maya, when you apply the complex texture image which comes with the 2D/3D process, the mapping is perfect, but details are missing:

rendering in arnold, textured fbx

finally, i exported the 3D data as STL, which is compatible with wikipedia. you find it there now.

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