4 track chorus | 1984

4 digitized analog tracks
chorus of a song from 1984

this is the chorus of a 4 track cassette recording i did in 1984. the cassette ran at double speed and only on one side. that meant that a 60 minute cassette could hold 15 minutes of 4 track recordings.

the first track contains the vocals. i don’t remember what kind of analog reverb i applied to my singing at that time. it sounds very retro these days.

the second track is even more retro. we did not have proper drum loops, and drum machines were expensive and hard to program. that’s why i used my → casiotone MT-40 keyboard’s automatic drum section for this track.

track 3 is pretty standard: → mini moog bass. i had learned to program that beautiful synth in 1983. and i loved to play monophonic bass lines on that keyboard.

on the fourth track i played brass-like chords on the legendary → yamaha DX7. lovely instrument.