motion with a single | click

we‘re living in exciting times — as to the progress in photography and AI. the pixel 6 smartphone has a feature built deeply into its photo app which depicts motion with just a single click/tap on the screen. motion blur is always full of artifacts because it shows moving objects/subjects not totally sharp. we‘re so much used to motion blur in films that we interpret certain kinds of blurs as motion into a specific direction. google makes use of this by taking two photos, of which the first one is straight and the second more or less significantly blurred.

the app has two motion modes. in the one i‘m using most it freezes the moving subject and blurs the rest. in the four new photos i shot yesterday while sitting on a bench the top left is based on a misinterpretation: the photo app thinks the lake moves. that‘s why it motion blurs the jogger so dramatically.

(c) ms / pictureAlliance

the effect cannot be finetuned. you have to live with the result. and it‘s so obvious „pixel 6“ that sooner or later competitors like apple will have to implement a similar technique into their iPhones. it‘s much more than a special effect like sepia or a cartoon look.

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