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wheat sourdough with 30% of rye. all whole grain. no yeast. just salt, organic coriander and caraway.

i started the process last night by feeding a spoonful of whole grain organic wheat flour and warm water into the sourdough levain. next morning i fed the tiny amount of dough with 300 grams of wheat flour and let it ferment on the warm window sill. in the afternoon it had grown in size and was ready for some more wheat and rye flour. i added salt and the two spices, gave the dough an hour of time for a sweet little bench rest. then i moved the hand kneaded dough of ca. 1 kg into the patisse springform and put it into the oven at 30° C. after an hour and a half the dough had doubled in volume and was ready for baking. i heated a dutch oven (cast iron) in my (real) oven, up to 280° C, then put the patisse with the dough into the dutch oven. after 15 minutes i opened the iron lid and lowered the temperature to 160° C. a 1 kg loaf of bread normally cooks for 1 hour at 200° C after releasing the steam. but with the lower temperature of 160° C it gets an extra half hour. the result is a deeper crust.

this bread is extremely tasty, very healthy, and still good after 10 days. my fresh goat cheese (chèvre) got ready on time. it takes 2 days to ripen, and it‘s delicious in combination with the whole grain bread and the raspberry jam i mad last summer.

photos and bread: ms
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