electric car | update

update starts.

today my car, an electric renault mégane e-tech, receives an update. the process starts automatically, even when you‘re happily driving through town. cologne, germany, marathon sunday. the update is being delivered via an invisible SIM card. in the statement above it informs me that the process can take days, and this should not bother me. i drove home, locked the car, had a cup of tea and went back to the vehicle an hour later. the update was ready to be installed:

the update gets serious.

in this message the android system informed me that the update can now be installed. if i tap on accept, the car won‘t be useable for maximum 25 minutes. if it‘s currently charging, the charging process will be stopped. of course, i accepted and a few seconds later was instructed to leave and lock the car from outside:

leave your car now!

after dinner i returned to the car and was pleased. the update was installed successfully. i have not driven it since.

installation success.
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