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let me show you three images, created with AI. the first one is a clichée. i used a photo of a man throwing the branch of a tree into the air. AI turned the man into a dog or wolfe-like creature and planted one or two spacecrafts into the (originally bright blue) sky.

a typical derivative of a classical photo as AI art.

the second image is not that obvious. i used the satellite view of the city of kiev and entered the keyword “hieronymus bosch”. bosch was a dutch painter born in the 15th century. the AI located a dark area in the map which depicts the dnieper river and replaced it with a bird. what the AI did with the letters in the map is not very exciting.

bosch and the kiev map

the third image is pretty amazing. i used a photo of a beach on a sunny noon, with nobody there, just waves and blue sky, and used the term “ritterkapelle” for the calculation. ritterkapelle is german for a gothic chapel or cathedral. usually the AI process likes to incorporate detailed structures like the shape of the gothic columns. not in this case. only a very dark thin horizontal line and the dark sky reminds me of a dark church:

the term “ritterkapelle” applied to a sunny beach photograph
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