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I met John Lasseter on September 6, 2006 in Munich, the day before CARS was released in Germany. For a start, here are four brief segments of my interview with John.

First we talked about the eyes of the car. The eyes in this movie are not the cars' headlights but the windshields. This was a major decision at Pixar before actually starting working on the project. Later I asked John Lasseter about his handdrawing skills. and what he considered the biggest technical advances in the film.

And a bit off-topic: Did John ever consider making a 3D movie with a more "experimental", maybe Jean-Luc Godard-like approach? John Lasseter answered this European question the American way: We make the films we like to watch!

John Lasseter demonstrating Lightning McQueen". (All Photos © Maximilian Schönherr)



Ministerzimmer für Pixar

Only the best for the guest


Missing: Lightning McQueen escaped

In the top box something is missing. Guess what and who took it?


John Lasseter Drawing

John Lasseter: Still drawing after all these years...