camtasia | 2021 → 9 ?

one of 500 tutorials i made with camtasia 9

camtasia version 9 has been my workhorse for creating youtube tutorials for a few years now. i still find it an amazing program, because it does a flawless job recording everything which is happening on the screen. after recording a session of, say, 20 minutes, i edit it down to 10 minutes, with lots of cuts and zoom and text overlays. finally, i use camtasia to render the video and upload it to → my youtube channel.

a few weeks ago camtasia 2021 came out, with lots of new “transitions” – which are the effects between two adjacent clips. i’ve been very happy with the transitions in version 9; actually i’m using only three of them anyway. no need for more transitions!

the audio handling is pretty much straight forward and has been slightly improved in the recent versions. but when i detect flaws in the audio i use other pieces of software to repair or enhance the audio quality.

so, the new version is not worth while for me, and probably many others.

but why not just try the new version in its trial mode? well, the problem is that you can try out the new version for free, but once you get serious about it and create a video with version 2021, you cannot render it without a watermark, and once you save the project, it cannot be opened by my version 9. that means that the trial of the update causes a problem. if you try it out, try it out playfully, because you cannot downgrade the project file.

i contacted the support team of techsmith (which distributes camtasia) and got a very competent reply to my request:

(09:14:23 AM) maximilian: is there a way to export the project from 2021, so that version 9 can open it? what i also tried is copy all files in the 2021 project. but i cannot paste them into version 9.
(09:15:03 AM) Mariel L: No. There’s no way to open a project from the latest version to the older version. The project files in Camtasia are not backward compatible because there are a feature in the latest version that is not available in the older version.
(09:15:16 AM) Mariel L: I’m sorry for the limitation.

so, trying the new version is risky!

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