lies ad | lib

illustration: ms/dpa

lies are all over the place. and easy to put aside and ignore. you just need to stick to the facts. and to the ethics you were brought up with.

donald trump moved lies to the mainstream. i found it astonishing with what kind of lies he won the 2016 election. and how he topped it with one tweet after the other. the tweets were never ending lies, simplifications.

it took some time to find out the algorithm in his head. not because it‘s so complicated, but because it‘s so trivial.

the current election shows this yet again. the numbers tell us, he lost it. not by a couple of percent, but by a big margin. so he just plants this lie: “i won.“ then his favourite support TV network foxnews tells its audience that biden won. so he plants the lie: “they lie!“ or, to put it in his terms: “they post fake news!“

if someone asks you why cars stop at red traffic lights and you tell them that this is wrong, everybody should stop at green traffic lights. how would you react?

corona spike | proteins

the spikes on the round body of the corona virus gave the virus its name: crown = corona. these spikes consist of three identical proteins which align perfectly with each other. the illustration (which i produced using autodesk maya and the arnold renderer) shows the three proteins close to each other, just for demonstration reasons. the virus has a crown of more or less 40 such triple protein spikes.

illustration: ms

more about it in my 3D computer animation tutorial channel