steve jobs | 1996 interview

steve jobs 2010. photo: matthew yohe, wikimedia commons, CC-BY-SA 3.0

in the spring of 1996 i was vacationing with my family in california. before flying over from germany i arranged a brief interview with steven jobs. jobs at that time was just leaving Next and heading back to apple, which was not official then. the meeting took place int he Next building, under strict conditions: steve did not permit any questions concerning apple. so, all there was left to talk about was laser printer, computer graphics and pixar.

this 90 seconds segment of the interview is about his faible for computer animation. steven jobs also mentions → luxo jr., the first respectable 3D computer animated short.

steve jobs, interviewed by maximilian schönherr in spring 1996

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i aired the whole interview, dubbed for the german audience, in my public radio broadcast “zündfunk radiotop” on may 13, 1996.