spire | 3D

one of my favourite recording devices is the iZotope spire studio.

spire studio; looks strange. ain’t real anyway

in this experiment i took a few dozen photos around it, on a black table, loaded the images into an application which extracts 3D data from the photographs and creates proper 3D models of the device.

below are several views of the (incomplete) geometry.

spire recap 1
spire recap 2
spire recap 3
spire recap 4

abstrakt | from 3D

(c) ms

this abstract image was created from a series of trivial smartphone photographs in a radio studio. i shot the photos like for a panorama by just rotating myself and pointing the camera up or down. then i fed the 49 photos into autodesk’s recap photo app and let it create a 3D model from it. since the photo session was improvised in 2 minutes or so, and some areas in the studio were very dark and without contrast, the 3D object was lacking precision, large parts were just ignored. the advantage, however, is that in a 3D scene you can navigate as much as you please. the abstract art above shows a view from the top, with just a few round dots added later in photoshop.

this is the way how recap interpreted the photos and assembled the 3D scene. the model is upside down, which is quite strange. probably because i took the photos not in landscape mode.

below you find a couple of predecessors of the rendered scene.