arnold toon | shader

new in solid angle → arnold in version 5.1 is, among other things, the toon shader. arnold, famous for its photorealism, offers, as a side effect, some cartoon rendering options. the amount of detail is amazing, as shown in the image above. note the ultra thin silhouette of the border parts of the gemoetry.

below you see a detail from the torso front of the runner where another runner in the scene appears as a cartoonish reflection. i modeled the holes in the character with mainframe north’s plug-in for maya → prosets.

arnold toon shader with | motion blur

… raises several questions.

aesthetically correct seems that despite the leg to the front is blurred a lot (1) and the leg in the back not at all (2) the edges are not blurred on both legs. motion blur seems to not affect the black silhouette lines.

but why is the silhouette of one leg (3) thicker than of the other (4) ?

and what does the shadow (6) have to do with the delicate black lines in the rear leg (5) ?

finally: why is the reflection of the silhouette of the front leg motion blurred (7) ?