öff-rechtliche | webseiten

das bild unten zeigt sechs webseiten, unscharf gemacht, um die generelle optik, vor allem das „cluttering“ besser beurteilen zu können. vier davon sind die portale öffentlich-rechtlicher sendeanstalten, zwei von kommerziellen verlagen. ich kläre nicht auf, wer hier was verbrochen hat; vielleicht ist es auch trotz der unschärfe zu erkennen. was man sagen kann, ist, dass alle bis auf die ersten beiden webseiten in der zweiten zeile öffentlich-rechtlich kathastrophen sind. es sind aggressive, anbiedernde, kommerziell wirkende portale.

magisto film | maker

video editing is a matter of privacy. apps like iMovie respect this and allow all video editing procedures offline. that‘s how it should be.

the magisto film maker app is yet another example of an immoral, data hungry app which bluntly disrespects users‘ privacy. it refuses any video editing procedure or effect without being online and seeing what the user is doing. this is a no go, and apos like these should be marked with a big no.

second icon from the left deactivated when offline


nothing works when offline


DJI does not know | umlauts

the drone and gimbal manufacturer DJI in china has a growing international reputation – and international outlets and support agencies. i talked to the german branch yesterday via chat because i (not the first time) had a customer support problem: i had ordered a few accessories for my DJI drone last week and hadn‘t received a shipping notice. since i‘m currently on the azores (portugal) i had entered a portuguese address as the shipping address and was slightly concerned about the delay. i gave the support chap my order number and he immediately replied that there was a shipping problem:

original german chat dialog

his reponse, translated into english:

our system found inappropriate letters/symbols in the address. unfortunately this can only be changed by our collegues who also handle portugal.

the inappropriate letters/symbols were obviously portuguese umlauts, so nothing strange at all, trivial for all international carriers and shipping agencies. but not to DJI.

when i asked the guy what he would recommend, he gave me dutch DJI support phone number and asked me to call them. i said that would cost me time and money and asked him to contact his collegues. he said he can‘t ring external numbers – and recommended me to cancel the order immediately. which i did.

when cancelling an online order, you usually get a receipt of this action via mail a few minutes later. not so with DJI: it took 12 hours when an email came telling me that my order is being checked. whatever that means. certainly not money back within a day or two.

probably due to the intervention of @DJIsupport i got the money back within 1 day (paypal). however, although the company knows the problem and that i am in need for at least one extra battery, they did not come forward with a solution. i‘m not the only one. here a posting from today on twitter:

SPD sackt ab | nicht schlimm

einem land gehört das verschrieben, was es bestellt. ich kenne die an geistiger armseligkeit leidenden amerikanischen südstaaten, mir ist die gemengelage im osten deutschlands ein begriff, ich habe lange genug in bayern gelebt und FJS bekämpft, und ich weiß schon, warum ich mich im westen der republik einigermaßen wohl fühle.

sonntagsfrage im deutschlandtrend

nach der heutigen sonntags(um)frage hat die AFD die SPD überholt. das ist nicht weiter schlimm, weil sich die SPD seit einigen jahren langsam selbst auflöst. die sonntagsfrage ist nur ein weiteres statistisches körnchen in der rechnung. die CSU löst sich auch auf, die letzten jahre sehr langsam, jetzt auf hochtouren. nach der bayernwahl im oktober wird das schön deutlich werden. das hängt nicht am machtbesessenen trampeltier seehofer und auch nicht am selbstverliebten frankenpseudoschönling söder, sondern daran, dass selbst bayern langsam zu sinnen kommt, dass es eine außenwelt gibt.

in der mainstream-politik funktioniert eines nicht, vielmehr führt es immer zur eigenen schwächung: wenn sich eine partei zu sehr einer anderen anbiedert. die SPD seit über 10 jahren an die CDU, die CSU seit dem letzten bundestagswahlschock an die AFD. zum anbiedern in der politik gehört natürlich dazu, dass man behauptet, sich genau dieser partei nicht anzubiedern.

CDU und AFD können bisschen lachen, aber nicht dauerhaft. dies ist die letzte amtsperiode von angela merkel, danach werden die karten nicht nur neu gemischt, sondern es wird alles völlig anders aussehen. kann sein, dass die CDU dann hinter den grünen liegt, die AFD sich von ihren superarschlöchern trennt und symmetrisch mit den linken von zwei seiten in die mitte stößt.

und wenn sich hier im westen manche die mauser zurück wünschen, gemach: deutschland löst sich langsam in der EU auf. wozu dann in einem marginalen teil mauern bauen? orban hat schon dieses lachhafte zaunding gegen böse dunkelhäutige, die ungarns genbestand aufgebessert hätten, was auf satellitenbildern zu sehen ist, aber ein vogelschiss (herr gauland) im vergleich zur chinesischen mauer, die der mann im mond mit bloßen augen erkennt.

und ihr südstatten, ihr bible belt der USA: ihr habt jetzt euren trump, also wundert euch nicht. ein so dumpfes, rassistisches, frauenverachtendes terrain wählt natürlich den dümpfsten, rassistischsten, frauenverachtenden und ist mit seinem pussy grabbing und herumlügen völlig d’accord. macht man ja selbst nicht anders. schon mal als frau allein in defuniak springs in die kneipe gegangen? abzuraten. 2018.

DJI mavic 2 pro | quickshot modes

here are four quickshots i did on day 4 with the DJI mavic pro drone. all shots are the originals from the drone, not the (probably smaller, but accelerated) ones from the DJI Go 4 app. i used the default video settings with automatic white balance, exposure etc.

the first one is the circle. the drone had a problem locating the target (the tree) because it was looking for details which obviously disappeared when looking at the tree from a different angle. however, it did a perfect job.

circle mode around a tree

with the circle you are relatively safe in terms of close-by trees etc. the default circle keeps the mavic close to the target. the same applies to the next two quickshots, rocket and asteroid. the rocket mode shoots the drone up while still looking at the target. in this case the automatic white balance did unpredictable things (not DJI’s fault), and the tree is slightly out of the center of the video.

rocket mode, without acceleration

the dronie does not make much sense with a tree, but here we go. in the app it’s accelerated and looks certainly cooler.

dronie (= drone selfie) of a tree

i proceed to the asteroid shot, which has that white balance problem again:

the asteroid mode with included 360° stitching

finally the spiral, a very cool quickshot mode with the problem that i have no idea how to keep the spiral close to the target. i chose the smallest circle in the settings, 42 meters or so, which is quite a lot. i had the impression that the drone did fly an ellipse rather than a circle. so, use it with care!

spiral mode

what i don’t demonstrate here is the boomerang shot, because i’m not sure how it works. if the elliptic motion has its widest dimension behind the target rather than in front of the target, this might cause a crash problem. more later…

i finished the session with → this conventional autobahn shot which shows the excellent performance of the drone and the 1 inch sensor.

mavic 2 pro | day 3

for day 1 see → this entry.

drone with master. photo: ms/picture alliance

it’s been my third flight session, with only one battery, so restricted to slightly less than 30 minutes. i was still focussing on flight patterns rather than on the camera. the inflight videos were all of great quality. the shot after having landed safely has a ton of chromatic aberration. see below.

i flew all quickshot modes today, and they all did a great and very precise job. the spiral and boomerang are a bit irritating at first, because you have no control about the extension range of those kind of flight. and i still don’t know how to direct a boomerang ellipse into a special direction. imagine you’re climbing a cliff, you want to make sure the drone does fly away from the rocks rather than into them!

some modes give you extra options when you touch the icon again on the screen, others don’t, or they give you just rudimentary options like flying a pattern clock- or counterclockwise.

it’s nice to see that the drone comes back to it’s starting point once it has finished the quickshot flight. it does not repeat the flight, however. once the circle is finished, it is finished.

the videos are stored internally (on the internal 8 GB flashmemory bank or on the microSD card) in the original resolution, but the more interesting versions (in probably lower resolution) are sitting on your smartphone. example: all quickshots are accelerated in the smartphone version, whereas they playback in realtime when downloaded from the drone itself.

i’ve flown the mavic pro 1 for over a year and sold it to a man who uses it for flight only. he’s been a fan of radio controlled “model” airplanes since he was a kid, and he always wanted to fly a versatile, agile drone. he flew the mavic much more professional than i.

the more i get to know the automated flight modes, the more i know that flying the drone is cool and challenging, but much more interesting for me is taking precise videos and photographs for wikipedia and the german press agency dpa. so, the new automated flight modes plus the 360° obstacle detection come in extremely handy.

hasselblad at f 2.8

as to chromatic aberration: massive. there’s nothing lilac or pink on my bike. this detail is of 100% resolution:

lots of chromatic aberration

mavic 2 pro | first impressions

DJI mavic 2 pro. packshot

for day 3, pls check out → this blog entry.

the first mavic was a masterpiece in many respects: the first affordable, reliable, small drone with a better than decent photo quality. i praised the device → a year ago when i had flown it for a couple of months. in the meantime i’ve flown it 22 hours in total before i sold it to a gilder pilot last week.

during the last months DJI released a platinum and an air model which did not really interest me. but the new mavic 2, just released two weeks ago, did. i flew it only once, this morning. here are my first impressions:

the drone is significantly heavier (about 100 grams, which is more than 10%) and feels slightly more bulky, although it’s not really bigger in size. i still have to get used to holding it, because it’s covered with sensors which i don’t want to put my fingerprints on.

connecting everything and calling up the DJI Go 4 app which i had used with my previous mavic, worked, but registration of the new drone failed. i uninstalled and reinstalled the app, then registration worked fine. however, the drone wanted a firmware update, which failed. it would have flown with the current firmware, but it wanted to be updated. many customers have that problem. we never had it with the mavic 1.

my workaround was this: i uninstalled the DJI assistant software from my PC and reinstalled it, in version 2. i connected the drone via USB and could get the new firmware loaded into the device. it took about 15 minutes.

having set up everything for flight again, the controller moaned. it wanted a new firmware, too. after one error message it worked. 5 minutes or so, then the drone was ready to go.

it starts up differently from the predecessor, with much less power, quite sweet actually. when taking off it was obviously more quiet than the mavic 1. i flew it in P-mode and had the impression that if flew somehow more precisely, although i never had a problem with flight precision of the mavic 1. very nice to fly. and very fast.

i tried out two quickshot modes, the “dronie” (which basically is an animated selfie where the drone shoots away and keeps me in focus all the time) and the “circle”. the object recognition is so super precise, the UI of the app is elegant. not comparable to the previous model, excellent.

i did not have much time to check things out and flew the drone home after 20 minutes or so. the battery indicator still was in the middle, so i could have flown quite a bit longer.

the camera? later, folks. no time for that today.