clickbaiting | sorry

sorelle amore is a 30 year old australian woman with a youtube channel. the channel caught my attention when its subscriber number shot high, maybe a year or two ago.

sorelle amore’s most recent videos

a couple of days ago she published a video in which she tells her audience that she’s changed a lot and that her videos will change a lot. in today’s video she apologizes for “clickbaiting”.

most of her videos are pure talk. she talks at high speed about things like meditation, food, plastic, traveling. the thumbnails of most of her videos show her sparsely dressed, with titles such as “nudity in photography: when does it cross the line?” a clickbait title & sexy photo, and neglectable content.

according to → socialblade her earnings through youtube ads are between 200 and 3,300 US dollars per month. and: she lost half of her regular audience during the last 30 days.

see also: nothing 2 say, sad twofold and sex sells.

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