mal von oben | gucken

es gibt themen, die von oben langweiliger aussehen als man so annehmen würde. andere, wie der abgemähte acker, sind klassiker und kommen gut. die kirche (st. laurentius in rheinsberg) war eine überraschung, vor allem bei dem wetter und diesem leicht schrägen betrachterwinkel.

frisch gemäht. aus 40 metern höhe. foto: ms/dpa

wie aus pappe. st. laurentius. foto: ms/dpa

hierzu ein englischer text, wie ich ihn im drohnenforum auf facebook veröffentlicht habe:

here’s the shot of a 14th century (now) lutheran church in north-east germany. we were sitting in a café and watched the empty square for half an hour or so. then i decided to get the mavic out and launch it in order to see the church from above. nobody around seemed intimidated (data privacy is high on the agenda here in central europe), some folks watched the 2 minute procedure with curiosity.

for me it’s always interesting to find out how objects look from certain hights and under certain lighting conditions. 60 meters in this case of a nice afternoon light worked just fine.

i often just raise the mavic to a certain hight rotate it and tilt the camera, but without actually moving the drone horizontally in mid air. this makes the return easy. with a good GPS signal the drone lands right where it took off. i never encountered variations of starting/landing spots of more than half a meter.

i use the high res photo in the drone (RAW) for pictureAlliance and the lower res in the smartphone for → wiki commons.